"Our Main Line Sewer backed up into the house over the weekend, which caused my family some real head aches! Called Dean at 9am and he was there by 9:50. Already had the drain snaked out and rootered to fix the problem on hand..."

Sarah Dempsy

Santa Ana Leak Detection Can Save You Money

Affordable Leak Detection Services for Santa Ana Can Save You Cash!

All over the Santa Ana area, right now, are homeowners just like you.  They have spent time and effort to get their home looking as good as they can, but they might have an undetected problem lurking beneath their property.  The pipes beneath their home might be leaking and studies have shown that enough water is often undetected and leaking to supply a city the size of Los Angeles enough water for a year.  We are the water leak detection Santa Ana residents rely on.

That’s why residents turn to us for things like slab leak detection and repair Santa Ana and underground water leak detection services.  We are the underground water leak detection specialists that Santa Ana residents trust to get the job done right.  It is our promise that our service specialists will have the underground water leak detection equipment that will spot leaks so that they can be fixed and fixed fast.  We will look beneath your Santa Ana home and find any leaks that are currently undetected and get them fixed so you can stop wasting money.  Santa Ana residents have turned to us for plumbing leak detection for years, so why not you?

Santa Ana homeowners know that we can do the underground water leak detection and repair that will end up saving them money and damage that will occur down the road.  Our company can even do water pipe leak detection and repair for your Santa Ana home.  Call us now and schedule an appointment.  We promise to help you and your Santa Ana home so that you can relax and not have to worry anymore about undetected leaks and how much it could be costing you.


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